A woman’s health and beauty go hand in hand. It is difficult to imagine one without the other. One needs to be beautiful from inside to feel the glow outside.

My Beauty Checklist For 2014

* I will focus on ‘holistic’ health by detoxifying my body from the inside.

* I will pamper my skin by consuming lots of water, fresh fruits, vegetables and a well-balanced diet.

* I will adhere to strict meal timings.

* I will exercise to stay fit and slim me down.

* I will perfect makeup tips and tricks that flatter me.

* I will love my hair too just the way I love my skin.

* I will buy delicate lingerie and enhance my ‘sensuousness’.

* I will work towards some quality ‘me time’ by engaging in what I truly love to do. If I am happy within, it tends to show in my appearance.

* I will first feel beautiful to actually be beautiful.

* I will keep a check on my ‘checklist’ and make the most of it.

My 2014 will rock !